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Kathryn Siegler


Kathryn Siegler has always been fascinated and obsessed with life from a bygone era. Her involvement with both photography and graphic design had an enormous influence on her art. Using subjects such as old neon signs and old packaging, along with the dimensionality of strong sunlight, she creates mood and depth, and defines the details which give the objects their unique identity.

Hanson Digital has created Betterlight captures, as well as reproduction-quality 4x5 transparencies and drum scans from Siegler's original art. The digital files were carefully color matched to the artwork, and exhibition prints were made from the digital files on archival rag paper.
All images © Kathryn Siegler.


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Keith Hollander


Originally from New York, Keith Hollander began creating artwork at a very young age. His first formal studies in art were at New York City’s School of Visual Arts where he further developed his relationship with surrealism. Before making his home in San Francisco in 1997, Keith traveled the mountainous regions of the United States seeking inspiration from the landscape and people around. His unique, surrealist style of painting has been exhibited at galleries and exhibits throughout the Bay Area. Keith received the city’s Public Mural Award for his large-scale mural, entitled “Joyous Discoveries,” that overlooked Market Street.

For this current series entitled "Inspiring Faces", Keith turned to Hanson Digital to create high resolution digital files of his large 6ft tall originals. Working closely with the artist to then make exacting reproductions, each image was output on to a hybrid photo rag baryta paper.

All images © Keith Hollander.


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Michael Stehr


Michael Stehr is heavily influenced by his love for the history of art. His landscapes and architectural portraits show his appreciation for a wide range of artistic styles and periods. He is especially inspired by the French painter Camille Corot and early California artists such as Thomas Hill and Edgar Payne, although Stehr's style is still distinctively his own.

For exhibits of his work, Stehr wanted to show high-quality Giclée reproductions alongside of his original pieces to provide an alternative way to purchase his fine art. Hanson Digital photographed Stehr's artwork using a combination of Betterlight scans and archival transparencies, and made reproduction prints using a heavy textured fine art paper. Canvas prints were made as well, which Stehr then stretched and coated himself to give a close resemblance to his originals. The results were not only beautiful, but pushed the boundaries of what could be accomplished with fine art digital printing.

All images © Michael Stehr.


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