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Custom ICC Profiling Services

There is nothing like the results from printing with a custom made ICC profile tailored specifically to your printer and paper combination. It's a relatively low cost solution for professional photographers and artists who print their own work, or would like to be more in line with the results they will receive from our printing workflow.

Here at Hanson Digital we work hard to ensure excellent quality and support for our customers. Integrating custom ICC printing profiles into your workflow, ultimately not only produces better print results, but also with a properly calibrated display, helps to bring the final print much closer to what to what you see on your screen.

What Is An ICC Profile?

In a color managed workflow, an ICC profile is a set of data that characterizes the color input or output of a device (in this case your printer), according to specialized standards by the International Color Consortium (ICC).

How Are They Created?

Our custom ICC profiles are created specifically for your printer. The process starts by having you print out our special color charts under very specific conditions. We then read these printed charts with a very precise spectrophotometer and with the resulting color measurements we generate your custom ICC Profile.

What's the Difference?

ICC profiles provided by printer & paper manufacturers are made for the general printer model and paper combinations they have. Meaning it works great on their Epson, Canon or HP printer, so it should get you close on yours. Sometimes these profiles work ok, but some times there are color casts that show up or a lack of detail and vibrancy in the final prints. Because a custom profile is made specifically from the data that comes exclusively from your printer on the specified paper, the quality is second to none.



Normal turnaround is 48-72hrs. Please Note: While we always try to return your job ASAP, actual turnaround time depends upon quantity and current work in house. Please call for scheduling if your job or project requires a quicker turnaround. Rush services are available. Please call 415-558-9113 for our ICC Profiling Kit.

Please Note: We can only create ICC Profiles for Inkjet and Archival Pigment Printing (Giclée) and cannont make ICC profiles for dye sublimation printing due to the many variables associated with dye sublimation printing.

Custom ICC Profile Pricing

Quantity Pricing
1 $65.00
5 ordered at the same time $50.00 ea
10 or more ordered at the same time $40.00 ea