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Send Files Information

Sending files to Hanson Digital is fast and easy. Use the form to the right to send files or archives up to 950mb. If the archive is larger, with several files, then you may have to upload smaller archives separately. Or alternatively, you can use a service like WeTransfer, Drop Box or High Tail and send us a link to download your files - please use this This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please Read Before Sending a File

To send a file, please click the "Send Files Now" button to the right or below. A pop-up window will appear. Fill out the short form, attach your file or archive by clicking the "browse" button, and click "Begin Upload".

It is important that you click "Begin Upload" only once. Clicking the button a second time will cancel the transmission and restart the file upload.

File Compression

Prior to upload, we highly recommend that you Zip or Stuff your files before sending. This reduces upload/download time and protects multiple files from corrupting during transmission. Please realize that large files will take longer to upload (e.g., a 1mb file will upload significantly faster than a 100mb file). Upload speeds are determined by the speed of your ISP service.

Download Winzip >>
Download StuffIt >>


When your archive is finished uploading, you will see a summary page that lists the names of the files you uploaded, the upload size of your files in megabytes, and elapsed time. If you do not reach this page, your file did not upload properly.

You will also receive an email that contains all of the information entered in the form including the names of the files you uploaded. Please check that your contact information is correct as this is what we will need to contact you regarding your job. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please check your spam filter.

Uploading Your Files

Please read all of the instructions to the left or above for important information on how to package your files before clicking the "Send Files Now" button below.

Hanson Digital will not under any circumstances give out our Clients' information. We use this information only to contact you, our Client.

Please call 415-558-9113 if you experience problems.