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Exhibition Quality Metal Printing

Our prints on metal are second to none. These amazing prints are made by infusing (sublimating) dyes from a finely printed image directly into the surface of specialized aluminum with the use of a commercial grade, high temperature, heat press. The resulting prints are extremely durable, vibrant, with an outstanding luminosity.

What sets our metal prints apart from the competition? We've spent countless hours calibrating and profiling each of the surface options for the optimal tonal range, balance, clarity and print quality. We only use top notch materials and equipment.

Metal prints are a perfect modern option for artists and photographers who would like to offer an alternative print and display option to their Clients. These are also perfect for the hospitality, healthcare, corporate and interior design markets who require moisture, chemical and scratch resistance. These prints are lightweight, easy to clean and best of all can be displayed without the need for UV glass or acrylic which can often be one of the most expensive parts of safely displaying museum quality prints.

Surface Options - White Base Or Sheer Clear Brushed Aluminum

The White backed panel provides prints where the white in the image shows through as white. The Sheer Clear Brushed Aluminum is a clear based panel providing a true metallic feel to the final print. With the Brushed Aluminum, whatever is white in the image will show through as metal. Both White & Brushed Aluminum are available in the following surface finishes:

High Gloss Finish: The most popular finish, producing the greatest vibrancy, depth and dynamic range with the deepest black point available.

Semi-Gloss Finish: This is a wonderful intermediate surface finish between High Gloss and Matte. You still get a good black point while minimizing some of the surface reflectivity on the final print.

Matte Finish: This is one of our favorite finishes, it has a great non-glare finish that controls reflections and has a nice sophistication. Blacks are still deep, with great color rendition.

Metal Printing Highlights

The Highest Brilliance Available

Our Chromaluxe high definitions panels are second to none. Our prints are profiled to create the best prints possible, with the most vibrant color and best shadow details.

Long Lasting archival Metal Prints

With a 65+ year archival rating, these prints beat leading photo luster papers in longevity testing. 3x the achrival rating for the current silver halide photo papers. See the data for yourself here.

Modern Glassless display

Absolutely no uv glass or acrylic is needed when framing metal prints. This is a huge savings with framing over traditional prints. We have several options for shadow box or floater frames, as well as hidden cleat mounts and standoffs for a modern look and feel.

Scratch Resistant

Because the dyes are infused in the external coating through sublimation (very high heat and pressure), the surface of these prints are far more durable than any traditional print form.

Moisture Resistant

These prints are completely moisture resistant, unlike any other kind of print. These are great for damp or humid interiors, areas where there could be a lot of condensation.

Chemical & Fire Resistant

These surfaces can be cleaned with ammonia, bleach, acetone or any all-purpose cleaners. Perfect for the Healthcare Industry, Hotel & Corporate Interiors or the Hospitality sector.


Prices below are based on final trim size. Files should have at least 1/8" bleed on sizes 16x20 and smaller. For sizes larger than 16x20 we suggest 3/16" to 1/4".  For example, for an 8x10, your file dimensions should be 8.25x10.25. For a 20x30, your file dimensions should be 20.5x30.5.

Custom sizes are available in all finishes. For large jobs or full shows, please call for special discounted pricing.


Normal turnaround for print only or print with a recessed back frame is 1-2 weeks. For jobs with framing, additional time may be required. Please Note: While we always try to return your job ASAP, actual turnaround time depends upon quantity, stock on hand, size of prints, framing and current work in house. Please call for scheduling if your job or project requires a specific turnaround. Rush services are available.

Print Only
With Satin Finish
Inset Back Frame
With Standard
Wood Float Frame
With Custom
Wood Float Frame
4" x 6" Sample Pack 6 options $48.00 N/A N/A N/A
8" x 10" $38.00 $59.00 In Studio Appt In Studio Appt
10" x 10" $48.00 $72.00 In Studio Appt In Studio Appt
11" x 14" $59.00 $87.00 In Studio Appt In Studio Appt
12" x 18" $77.00 $108.00 In Studio Appt In Studio Appt
16" x 20" $103.00 $144.00 In Studio Appt In Studio Appt
20" x 20" $131.00 $185.00 In Studio Appt In Studio Appt
20" x 24" $153.00 $213.00 In Studio Appt In Studio Appt
24" x 24" $160.00 $225.00 In Studio Appt In Studio Appt
20" x 30" $168.00 $235.00 In Studio Appt In Studio Appt
24" x 36" $252.00 $332.00 In Studio Appt In Studio Appt
30" x 30" $262.00 $356.00 In Studio Appt In Studio Appt
30" x 40" $349.00 $446.00 In Studio Appt In Studio Appt
36" x 36" $378.00 $477.00 In Studio Appt In Studio Appt
40" x 40" $455.00 $564.00 In Studio Appt In Studio Appt
36" x 48" $492.00 $606.00 In Studio Appt In Studio Appt
40" x 50" $579.00 $699.00 In Studio Appt In Studio Appt
40" x 60" $667.00 $799.00 In Studio Appt In Studio Appt
Odd Sizes Please Call Please Call Please Call Please Call

*Price is for final trim size. Discounts given for entire portfolio/edition orders of 10 prints or more on same metal stock as well as orders that include both scanning and printing services. Please note, our print panels are created in a state of the art coating facility. Small imperfections including craters and bumps are a natural part of the coating process. We inspect every sheet and try to place any imperfections in areas of an image where they are least likely to be noticed. We cannot remake Metal Prints due to these imperfections since they are an inherent part of the process. Please call with any questions or concerns.