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Christina Empedocles


Christina Empedocles' recent work can be seen in two separate but related bodies. One strives to record a personal history signified by the ephemera of everyday, as it is culled from the bottom of purses, saved from pants pockets, or archived in a high-school girl's bedroom. The other takes a nostalgic, but removed look at nature by documenting a practice of bird watching on the Internet.

Hanson Digital has created Betterlight digital scans and 4x5 transparencies of various pieces, as well as reproduction prints and a display portfolio of Empedocles's work.

All images © Christina Empedocles.


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Martha Chong


Bay Area artist Martha Chong turned to Hanson Digital to help create very large digital files of her one of a kind collage pieces. This work is from her series entitled "The Times" where each collage was created with images that came directly from the pages of The New York Times daily papers.

Once the originals were created, she brought them to Hanson Digital to make extremely sharp and detailed high resolution digital files. Perfect sharpness and detail throughout the scans were key for this project, as the resulting prints that Martha created were in excess of 80".

All images © Martha Chong.


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Hadley Williams


Fine artist Hadley Williams uses prefabricated materials such as pasta, bubble wrap, plastic bottles, pom poms and correction tape. In each work a single form, usually a circle, bump, or rectangle, is repeated to create an abstract field of accumulation.

Hanson Digital has created Betterlight captures, as well as archival 4x5 transparencies and color-corrected drum scans, from Williams' original artwork for use on the artist's Web site and various print advertisements. Carefully directed lighting and customized angled photography was used to bring out the textures and three-dimensional properties of Williams' work.

All images © Hadley Williams.


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Chinese Historical Society of America


A rediscovered piece of San Francisco history: a series of oversized watercolor paintings by artist Jake Lee, depicting scenes from the daily lives of early Chinese-American immigrants in California. Long missing, these panels had once adorned the walls of a private dining room in the famous Kan's Restaurant. Recovered by the Chinese Historical Society of America through an auction, the Lee paintings needed to be photographed before restoration work could be undertaken.

Archival 4x5 transparencies were created from each piece, to create a record of the paintings' pre-restoration condition. Reproduction-grade drum scans and Giclée prints were made from the films. After the restoration work was completed, the paintings were re-photographed, again in archival film, and new drum scans were carefully color-matched to the originals for use on the Society's Web site, for reproduction prints, and for an exhibition catalog.


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Sarah Soward


Various high resolution digital captures for international wildlife artist, Sarah Soward's rhino series call "Rhinotopia". Rising to the challenge of these captures, we strived to make sure all of the vibrancy and clarity was preserved in the final digital captures. Images were then used for various outputs, including web, print and promotional usage.

All images © Sarah Soward.


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Pelham Houchin III


Inspired by the organic forms of nature and the ever-changing California coast, painter and digital artist Pelham Houchin III explores the uneasy balance between the artificial and the natural, and the effect of manmade on the landscape.

Hanson Digital has created Betterlight digital scans of Houchin III's paintings as well as Giclée reproduction prints on fine art archival rag stock.

All images © Pelham Houchin III.


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Richard Bryan


A series of classic vintage jazz album covers needed to be photographed for the book project, The Record Cover Art of David Stone Martin. Hanson Digital created digital captures of the sleeves and then optimized the colors of each file to match the original artwork when commercially printed.

Caroline Dahl


Contemporary fabric artist Caroline Dahl creates whimsical embroidery that combines iconic Day of the Dead skulls and skeletons with text and images from pop culture and music, presented in Mexican silver frames to evoke retablo folk art.

To bring out the fine details of Dahl's embroidery, Hanson Digital customized the lighting for each piece to pick out the texture of the stitchwork and to selectively highlight the metallic finish of the elaborate silver frames.

All images © Caroline Dahl.


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