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Retouching & Enhancement

Even the perfect image sometimes needs a little more work. Whether it's custom color adjustments, adding or removing objects from a scene, or creating a composite, we are digital artists who appreciate and understand the process of working with the artistic and the creative community. We work side by side with our Clients to provide a very individualized experience.

We have extensive experience preparing digital files for offset printing, portfolio printing, and screen use. This may entail adjusting ink values, adjusting duotone curves, creating clipping paths, and optimizing images for their specific final use or uses. Your small and large projects alike will command the same amount of personalized attention.

Digital Support

Art directors and photographers alike know that a shoot is only the beginning of an exacting process. At Hanson Digital we pride ourselves with years of experience in optimizing images for print and the Web.

We have the capacity to work on large-scale production projects such as full catalog image retouching, CMYK color conversions & corrections, and image optimization for press. Our specialties include working with our Clients' mock-ups, unifying all images, setting ink densities, and artistic enhancements. We can color-match an entire product line, even across several different photographers' work, and retouch large quantities of images for a consistent look and feel.

Digital Imaging Services

CMYK color work
Setting ink densities
Image preparation for Offset printing
Optimizing images for various paper stocks
G7 CMYK Contract Proofs
Color manipulation
Custom color corrections
Advanced retouching/Compositing
Digital enhancement
Clipping paths
Over the Shoulder Imaging