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Terms and Conditions of Sale

At Hanson Digital, we pride ourselves with a job well done. From the very beginning it's about quality vs quantity. We treat every Client and project with the utmost respect, whether you are an artist that is just starting out, or one of the largest artists or corporations in the country. We feel what gives us the ability to do our jobs great, besides the love for what we do, is to set forth our terms and conditions of sale to alleviate any confusion during the process of producing excellent work for you.

The "Limitation of Liability" and "Important Information" sections are part of every order we accept and by submitting a job to Hanson Digital, the Client agrees to all terms and conditions set forth.

Limitation of Liability

While we do our very best to handle all Client materials submitted to us as if they were our own, submitting your original materials, including but not limited to original works of art, photographs, original film, prints, one of a kind materials... to us constitutes your agreement that any damage or loss caused by Hanson Digital, Inc. or while in possession of Hanson Digital, Inc., even through the negligence or fault of our company or fire, flood, storm, theft or mechanical failure, will entitle you only to replacement with an equivalent amount of original materials. Except for such replacement, no other warranty, liability, or guarantee of any kind is offered, expressed, or implied.

This limitation of liability is a part of every order accepted by Hanson Digital, Inc. and the Client agrees to such limitation, and further agrees not to pursue recovery for incidental or consequential damages.

We will hold no liability in the event of loss or damage by mail carriers, messengers, or other delivery services. Clients should inform us when a job is submitted if shipping insurance is desired.

All digital media such as CDs, DVDs, hard drives, flash drives, and memory cards submitted to Hanson Digital, Inc. is accepted without any liability, guarantee, or warranty of any kind to either the media itself or the data it contains. Please be sure to keep a backup copy of your data before sending it to us as well as when your job is completed and sent back to you, as hardware failures can happen.

Copyright & Client Responsibility

Hanson Digital, Inc. firmly believes in protecting the copyright of artists. Clients agree that by submitting any order to Hanson Digital that she or he has the appropriate rights and documentation to prove the rights to reproduce the submitted materials for reproduction, scanning, photography, printing or for any service that Hanson Digital provides.

Furthermore, Client agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Hanson Digital, Inc., it's officers, employees or agents from any legal action concerning copyright infringement. Hanson Digital will in no way be held liable for copyright infringement and will do everything in our power to discourage such actions.

Important Information

Data Storage

We do not archive Client data for long-term storage. We repeat, we do not archive Client data for long-term storage. Copies of Client digital files, including scans, captures, or print files created, manipulated, enhanced, altered, or used by Hanson Digital, Inc., are only kept on our computers while a job is in progress. We provide the final files to you at the end of each job. Please make backup copies of any work sent back to you by Hanson Digital, Inc. as we are not liable for digital file storage.

Unclaimed Materials

Hanson Digital, Inc. does not guarantee long-term storage of original materials submitted to us. Customers are responsible for picking up originals or work produced by us relating to the Client job including, but not limited to, artwork, negatives, transparencies, prints, or other materials in a timely manner. All unclaimed materials will be destroyed after six months.

Portfolio Usage & Social Media

From time to time, we will update our portfolios, both in print and web, including on the domain as well as through various social media networks and advertising events that we participate in. If a Client's work is used as such, we will do our best to notify you. We will provide a copyright notice as well as links to the Client's website.

Client Information

We respect our Clients' privacy. We will not disclose any Client information submitted to Hanson Digital, Inc. to any outside individual or business for any reason whatsoever without express written permission of the Client in question to the extent of the law. If a job or project is sensitive or secretive in nature, please let us know when the job is submitted.

Mailing Lists

We reserve the right to use Client contact information to send promotional mailings and special offers through either postal mail or email. Clients may request to be excluded from such mailings. Your name will be promptly removed from all such mailing lists upon our receipt of your request.

Final Notes

We believe in an open line of communication, so if there is any part of our terms and conditions you would like clarified or would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us here at the studio at 415-558-9113.

We look forward to working with you soon!