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Hanson Digital specializes in high-end scanning, printing and presentation services. These include top quality drum scanning, commercial & fine art reproduction photography (artwork capture or copywork), museum quality digital pigment printing (Giclee Printing)  as well as unique final presentation services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We also offer digital support and retouching services exclusively for photographers, designers, ad agencies, and artists.

We love to bring high end services to the masses!


We welcome you to explore our site for a full listing of services, ordering information, order forms, and to view our portfolio galleries.

By offering detailed information about the process of bringing your art and/or photographs into a digital & printed formats, we not only ensure quality results, but also save time and maintain economic budgets.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact or call us at 415-558-9113 for more information.

Studio News :::

Reproduction Work With a 100mp Camera

Come try our new Hasselblad H6d 100mp medium format digital capture system which create amazing digital files in excess of 30x40 @ 300 dpi in a single capture. The large medium format sensor, along with the exquisite optics that Hasselblad is known for, lets these files sing!

This system opens up many new possibilities and services including high volume capture serivces, new economy copy work options, location services as well as enhancing our fine art and commercial photography services.

Learn more about our Capture & Scanning Services >>

G7 GRAcol and SWOP Certified/Verified Proofs

Contract quality G7 verified prepress proofing is available for all of your jobs going to a press. If your printer is G7 Certified you'll be able to use these proofs as final press proofs. The benefit is you'll be able to work directly with us on your color critical project and we can output proofs in house, complete with verification. Our proofs are accurate to a tolerance of 2 Delta E (dE).

Learn more about our g7 Contract Proofing Services >>

Epson Sure Color p20000

Hanson Digital was among the first to receive the new Epson Sure Color SC-P20000 printer, the latest in archival pigment printing technology! A 64" printer, with the latest UltraChrome Pro ink set allows us to achieve archival ratings in excess of 200 years for color prints and up to 400 years for black & white prints on a variety of fine art, canvas and photo based papers. This printer is setting the new standard for archival permanence, and we're ready to print!

Prints are available in pretty much any size from 8.5x11 to 64" wide by any length on a variety of fine art and photo papers.

Learn more about our Printing Services >>

Direct Digital Artwork Reproduction/Copy Photography

We can photograph original artwork for reproduction with our direct digital capture 4x5 scanning back. With our new state-of-the-art, 386-megapixel scanning back, combined with our museum-approved heat-free lighting system, we can create high-resolution, direct digital copy work for original art up to 8' wide.

Learn more about our Artwork Scanning & Photography Services >>


Finding a quality studio to provide scanning services specific to your application can be hard. While many shops offer "generic raw" scans or "gang" scans and color balance, Hanson Digital individually adjusts each scan or capture for optimum color balance and density. We have extensive experience with adjusting files for fine art reproduction, offset printing, portfolio printing, and screen use. This may entail custom color adjustments, adjusting for different papers, adjusting ink values, adjusting duotone curves, creating clipping paths, and optimizing images to look the best they can for their specific final use or uses. more + pricing >>

Digital Imaging & Retouching

We are artists who speak the artist's language for both commercial and fine art applications. Image editing, color corrections, image optimization for offset printing, retouching, compositing, illustration, enhancement, and digital support for photographers, plus prepress proofing. more + pricing >>

Fine Art Digital Printing - Giclee Printing

A true Giclée printer, we specialize in gallery printing, fine art reproductions, and portfolio printing on a variety of archival materials, including textured & smooth fine art papers, canvas, fabrics, and photo-based papers. We also love to work with non-traditional media and push the boundaries of what can be achieved digitally. Color Fine Art digital printing up to 64" wide and Archival Carbon-Based Black & White printing up to 44" wide on a variety of custom papers and substrates. more + pricing >>


With our in-house photography studio, we provide a wide variety of photographic services. Whether you need product shots, portrait, editorial, advertising, or fine art copy work, we can create your ideal image or digitize your original art for printing reproductions or Web site use. more + pricing >>

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