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Retouching & Enhancement

Even the perfect image sometimes needs a little more work. Whether it's custom color adjustments, adding or removing objects from a scene, or creating a composite, we are digital artists who appreciate and understand the process of working with the artistic and the creative community. We work side by side with our Clients to provide a very individualized experience.

We have extensive experience preparing digital files for offset printing, portfolio printing, and screen use. This may entail adjusting ink values, adjusting duotone curves, creating clipping paths, and optimizing images for their specific final use or uses. Your small and large projects alike will command the same amount of personalized attention.

Digital Support

Art directors and photographers alike know that a shoot is only the beginning of an exacting process. At Hanson Digital we pride ourselves with years of experience in optimizing images for print and the Web.

We have the capacity to work on large-scale production projects such as full catalog image retouching, CMYK color conversions & corrections, and image optimization for press. Our specialties include working with our Clients' mock-ups, unifying all images, setting ink densities, and artistic enhancements. We can color-match an entire product line, even across several different photographers' work, and retouch large quantities of images for a consistent look and feel.

Digital Imaging Services

CMYK color work
Setting ink densities
Image preparation for Offset printing
Optimizing images for various paper stocks
G7 CMYK Contract Proofs
Color manipulation
Custom color corrections
Advanced retouching/Compositing
Digital enhancement
Clipping paths
Over the Shoulder Imaging

Commercial G7 Contract Proofing

Prepress Contract Proofing is a vital part of any design, ad layout or commercial printing project. Seeing a color accurate CMYK proof of your final layout or image before it goes to print can end up saving you a great deal of time and money in the long run.

These proofs are available in either SWOP or GRACoL standards, made within an average tolerance of 2 Delta E (dE) and gives you the best physical representation of what your layout will look like before it is printed. Many of the elements that shift on press, including gradients, line weight, textures or patterns, color accuracy and font legibility can all be verified through Contract Proofing.

Our Contract CMYK proofs are excellent and cost effective for layout verification as well. Think of them as essentially an insurance policy before getting on press.

Certified/Verified Contract Proofs

All Contract proofs are made using either Epson Standard Proofing paper for G7 GRACoL proofs or Epson Proofing Paper Commercial Proofing Stock for G7 SWOP proofs. All proofs are verified with a spectrophotometer (measurements provided) to ensure they are within the permitted specification tolerance.


Normal turnaround is 24-48hrs. Please Note: While we always try to return your job ASAP, actual turnaround time depends upon quantity, paper stock, size of proofs, and current work in house. Please call for scheduling if your job or project requires a quicker turnaround. Rush services are available.

G7 Contract Proof Pricing

Proofs are available up to 44" wide. Please call for pricing on large or irregular sized pieces. Prices below are for sheet size.

Size Price
8.5" x 11" $50.00
11" x 17" $75.00
12" x 18" $85.00
16" x 20" $105.00
20" x 24" $135.00
24" x 36" $185.00
30" x 40" $225.00
Larger Please Call

Digital Proof Sheets

If you're working with multiple images, a digital proof sheet is a great way to preview and share your files. We offer digital proof sheets up to 16" x 20", with the individual images sized as you like.

When ordering, please let us know how many images you would like per page, and if you want your vertical or horizontal images rotated for consistent viewing, or if you'd rather keep the file orientation as shot (without rotation).

Custom Text

Digital Proof Sheets can include custom text headers or graphics such as logos, copyrights, or watermarks. Please specify any text changes or graphics you wish to include when ordering.

Digital Proof Sheet Pricing

Size Price
8.5" x 11" $10.00 ea
11" x 17" $20.00 ea
13" x 19" $30.00 ea
16" x 20" $40.00 ea
Larger Please Call

Unless specified, Digital Proof Sheets are printed on Enhanced Matte paper. Other substrates available upon request and may incur additional charges.

FTP Transfer Services

Need to bypass a messenger call? Or send your files immediately to distant offices? Hanson Digital can FTP your entire job to you or your Client via our FTP server or yours.* Either way your job is sent quickly and efficiently.

FTP Transfer Price
Up to 500mb $10.00
Up to 1gb $15.00
Over 1gb Please Call

*Jobs can be transferred to a Client hard drive or usb stick at N/C and sent back with original materials. Please make backup copies of all files, we are in no way liable for digital storage of Client files.

File Conversions

Custom color conversions, file resizing, according to your specs... If it's a digital production process, odds are we can do it. We can custom-correct each file for the optimum results. This includes RGB to CMYK or either color format to Grayscale/black & white as well as various imaging techniques to make your images look the best they can be. We specialize in working with large volumes of images to create a consistent look and feel.

Since this type of service can have many variables, please call with your job specifics or fill out the online estimate form for a custom estimate.