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Carbon Black & White Fine Art Digital Printing

For black & white photographic images and artwork, our unique Carbon Prints are unbeatable, both in beauty and longevity. We utilize a dedicated process known as Piezography printing with an Epson 9900. This is a highly unique and superior process for black & white printing that uses a carbon-based black ink with ten different shades of gray, split between 2 sets of inks - 1 full Carbon Set (beautiful Warm-tone) as well as 1 full Selenium Set (cooler tones) - beautifully recreating the look of traditional printing on Cotton Rag papers.

Specialized software takes full advantage of the carbon-based inks, creating prints with superlative highlight and shadow detail with an expanded tonal range and complexity when compared to other printing methods. Absolutely no color ink is used to create these prints and we have never seen this kind of detail imaged in a print previously. We can image a 1% dot in the highlights as well as pull distinction between a 95% and 99% black tone. 

Compared to black & white prints made with the limited gray palette of a color digital printer and/or color inks, the carbon-based ink technique eliminates inconsistent color casts under different lighting situations and offers a smooth, very finely detailed pure monochrome image.

Also unique about our system, is we are able to split-tone between the two custom ink sets, in infinite variations, to create completely one of a kind prints. We can control both ink sets separately in the highlights, mid-tones and shadows in any percentage or ratio.

Carbon Black & White printing is an extremely archival process. The carbon-based inks are fade-resistant to a rate of less than 5% over 100 years, a remarkable archival standard for digital prints. Fine art prints imaged with color inks can have a fade rate of up to 33% over the same amount of time.

Refillable ink cartridges also make this printing process Eco-friendly, with far less waste than disposable ink cartridges.

With a range of Cotton Rag papers to choose from up to 44" wide by nearly any length, this process offers the highest standard in black & white digital printing. This process is perfect for photographers or artists who are selling directly to collectors of black & white photography.


We give discounts for entire portfolio/edition orders of 10 prints or more on same paper stock as well as orders that include both scanning and printing services. Please contact us for more information.


Normal turnaround is 48-72hrs. Please Note: While we always try to return your job ASAP, actual turnaround time depends upon quantity, paper stock, size of prints, and current work in house. Please call for scheduling if your job or project requires a quicker turnaround. Rush services are available.

Carbon Black & White Pricing*

Prices below are based on a sheet size. We need at least 1/2" - 5/8" border on all sizes listed. If your project requires a full bleed, no problem, we can print on a larger sheet if needed and trim the final print down to your size.

Size 1st print Add'l copies
8.5" x 11" $25.00 $20.00
11" x 17" $35.00 $25.00
13" x 19" $50.00 $35.00
17" x 22" $70.00 $55.00
22" x 30" $100.00 $85.00
24" x 36" $135.00 $110.00
36" x 36" $175.00 $140.00
36" x 44" $215.00 $180.00
44" x 44" $245.00 $205.00
44" x 60" $340.00 $295.00
44" x 72" $395.00 $345.00
44" x 84" $462.00 $385.00
44" x 96" $528.00 $440.00
44" x 120" $660.00 $550.00
Larger Please Call Please Call

*Price is for sheet size. Please inquire about specialty papers. Discounts given for entire portfolio/edition orders of 10 prints or more on same paper stock as well as orders that include both scanning and printing services.